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Bass Extractor Jig - Shakey Head

It is the engineering that makes the Bass Extractor “shakey head” stand out from all the rest. The precision balanced football head, the “Hot Wire” stainless twisted cable check mark bait keeper and Mustads Ultra Point extra long shank hook make this shakey head the jig for Extracting that Dream Bass.

Just slowly drag the jig and the football head will “rock” forward standing the hook shank up to present the bait in a tantalizing nose-down position. It will stand the bait up flipping the tail up on your bait making it irresistible, constantly changing the action, making it more life-like and highly attractive to bass. PJ Lures Bass Extractor has the hook to handle bigger worms, creature baits, tubes, craws and yes, the tiniest of finesse worms.

The Bass Extractor features a powder painted, precision balanced football head built on a premium long shank Mustad Ultra Point hook. The “Hot Wire” stainless twisted cable bait holder was designed specifically to accommodate a wide variety of plastics.

Shakey head fishing has the reputation for being a limit-getter, but with the “Bass Extractor” “Hot Wire” shakey head you best hold on tight and get ready to set the hook and land that Trophy Bass.

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Watch our YouTube Video on the Bass Extractor Jig

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