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Football Jig

The PJ’s Football Jig is built on an ultra sharp black nickle Mustad hook has many outstanding features. First the jig is ready to use right out of the package with no modifications - the fiber weed guard is the perfect length and size so it doesn’t require any trimming. It is also equipped with a keeper on the hook shank to hold your plastics on tight. The head is painted with tough chip resistant powder paint finish. Completing the jig with a premium silicone skirt, PJ’s has the finest football jig available.

The wide football face will keep the hook pointed upright. When using the football jig they will rock, roll and bounce over snags and crevices in the rocks rather than get lodged in them and if they do get stuck it is usually the head and not the hook , thereby giving you a better chance to gently back it out and continue fishing. The bulky presentation of the football jig is also an excellent choice to use on clean hard bottoms like sand, shell, gravel and rock beds! As the jig sweeps down, the broad sides and balance of the football will keep the hoop pointed up and make it look like a big ole crayfish to make a tasty meal for that bass to enjoy.

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