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Lil Jig

When it comes to jig fishing you sometimes need something with a smaller profile. The PJ's Lil Jig with the wire weedguard is the perfect finesse tool. These heads are custom designed to land on the bottom with the hook upright, the perfect position to allow the skirt tentacles and tails to present a realistic crayfish appearance! When the water is cold or clear, fishing pressure is high, or in post-frontal conditions these spider jigs are the Perfect Jigs. Smallmouth, Spots and Largemouth often prefer these tiny little morsels that imitate their favorite food, the crayfish.

The Lil Jigs are built on Mustad Ultra Point hooks with powder paint that is resistant to chipping. They have a short lead collar custom designed to hold the skirt tight to the head to get that great spider flair. The Lil Jig has a stainless twisted cable wire weedguard that can be used straight out of the package or bent at an angle parallel to the hook or bent down out of the way for sight fishing and then bent back to the original position. They are completed with a premium silicone spider skirt.

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